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Eyelid surgery

The face is the area that we glance at first. The eyes can certainly be regarded as a uniquely personal feature which eyeryone sees and remembers. Dr. Beckers performs lid corrections professionally and safely around the eyes eg.. drooping upper lids, bags under the eyes or lower lids.

For lower lid correction, short sedation is required. The incision is microscopic, exactly below the eyelashes and from the outer corner of the eye inwards, so that when it heals well, it is not visible.
Then the eyelid skin is lifted and the problem itself is cleared. The so-called eye bags
are filled with lymph body fat that forms as we get older and must be removed very precisely for a good result.
Then the wound is sewn with a fine thread and covered with a special plaster which can be removed after one to two days. The stitches are then taken out on the fourth day after the operation.
Before an upper eyelid correction, while the patient is still awake, the area will be marked in order to show how much skin will be  removed and where the cuts will be.
For the operation, short sedation is enough. After that,  cuts are made following  the natural lines of the upper lid, roughly parallel to the arch of the eyebrow. Then a strip of skin several millimetres wide is removed.

Sometimes it is enough to remove the loose skin,in order to achieve the appropriate rejuvenating effect. In other cases, the surgeon will additionally remove flab and some muscle tissue to get the desired level of tautness. Once this has been achieved, the wound is closed with a fine thread and then covered with a special plaster. After 4-5 days the stitches are removed.


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