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Special AMD lenses

The EyeMax mono (TM) is perhaps the most significant innovation in the research of lenses. It is the only intraocular lens which promises to bring a real improvement of the visual capacity of AMD patients in nearly every stage of the illness. It is used both in dry and wet Age-related macular degeneration.

The EyeMax lens replaces the endogenous lens and eliminates the cataract forever. It breaks the rays which enter the eye, so that the information reaches also the intact retinal periphery. Therefore, the central part of the retina affected by the AMD is avoided. The stimulation of the peripheral receptors/ photoreceptors shows a significant improvement of the vision and the general orientation.
As shown in the graphic, through the EyeMax lens, new parts of the retina are used for the projection of images. The brain then adapts to the new visual impression and the damaged central parts will be perceived as less disturbing.

The lens is often described as the “Hubble Implant” (space telescope) because of the future-oriented and far-reaching improvement of vision. Ideally, it can enable AMD patients, as well as patients with diabetic maculopathy or other macular damages, to read, drive and see faces again. For patients at an increased risk or experimenting an early stage of the illness, the EyeMax mono lens is the best option to maintain your visual ability.


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