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Implanted contact lenses

The alternative to normal contact lenses, glasses and LASIK For several years, so-called implantable contact lenses are a proven method of treatment in the refractive surgery. In young age, they are a good alternative to laser treatments.

For all patients from the age of 40 onwards, for whom the laser has little prospect of success, there is a further option of those implantable contact lenses which also correct the reading difficulties and called IPCL-Lens (Implantable Phakic Contact Lens). The implantation of the IPCL-Lens is useful in case of myopia and when the first reading problems become noticeable. When the cataract symptoms appear, a complete change of the endogenous ocular lens will be necessary (>55 years, see trifocal lens). Thanks to the technical innovation of the IPCL-Lens, patients won’t need to use reading glasses or varifocals which results in an increase of life quality.

The implantable contact lens is implanted with a short surgery, through a 2,8mm incision in the cornea, between the endogenous eye lens and the iris. It ensures that the rays will be bundled to the right part of the retina so that the defective vision is completely corrected. The surgery takes approximately 5 minutes for each eye and will be realized with a local anesthesia with eye drops. Each eye will be treated on a different day. After that, it is necessary to carry out a therapy with eye drops which will be explained by an ophthalmologist. A follow-up examination the day after the surgery is completing the treatment, but we offer further follow-up appointments free of charge, one week and one month after the intervention. The lens stays in the eye and does not have to be taken out like conventional contact lenses. They can be removed any time, as for example before the cataract surgery. The IPCL-Lenses are customized and made according to your individual defective vision. Myopia can be corrected until -30 diopters, hyperopia until +15 diopters as well as astigmatism. Furthermore, this type of lens also corrects the existing presbyopia.

- Fast recovery and acclimatization phase
- Good tolerability
- Neither visible nor perceptible
- Protection against UV light
- Ambulatory routine intervention
- The lenses can be removed/ changed any time
- No dry eyes (often disadvantage in case of laser treatment)

Usually, the cost for the treatment will not be borne from the legal or private health insurance, but it is always worth to ask the health insurance company if they assume a certain goodwill amount.


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